Monday, April 26, 2010

Fashion News: Calvin is Done with Size Zero


In the past few years, the high fashion scene in NY, London, Milan and Paris has had many underweight and underage models walk down the runways during Fashion Week(s). It is quite normal for most runway models to be about 5'11'' and a size zero. Some girls are this thin naturally, but lets face it, most aren't.


Thankfully, American designer Calvin Klein has taken a step in the right direction to change the health issues regarding size within the fashion industry.

According to Fashionologie, the creative director of Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa, has done away with casting size 0 models and is reportedly committed to only casting models who are size 2-4.

Francisco Costa (CK creative director)

Of course, increasing the standards to sizes 2-4 aren't in any way a big change, but this does allow flexibility for models and takes off some of the pressure that is put on these young girls to be super thin.

Booking the Calvin Klein show is one of the most prestigious jobs a model can have during NY fashion week, so maybe this change will be a good motivator for some models to maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Maybe other designers will follow Costa's lead and help solidify this change for the industry?

Who knows. I hope so.

XX Meggasus


a wrinkle in time said...

ahhh! this is so great! I LOVE seeing changes like this happen in the industry. I'm glad CK is taking this path, hopefully it will start a (long-lasting!) trend! I'm excited to see what happens :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with a wrinkle in time here:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment.
Can I tell you when Sophie Dahl walked down the runway the larger size I was so happy and so amazed. I thought at last they're sending normal sized people down the runway. I can honestly say I would rather see "normal" sized people go down the runway every time than size zero.

vintagewithatwist said...

Wow I think that's a great change for ck!

♥Mimi said...

Wait, but I'm a size 0! I can't model for Calvin Klein now?! D:

Okay, I'm probably never going to become a model (I'm 5 ft. 2 as a 16yrold, and probs not growing any taller anytime soon) but I don't think they should just band size 0s from modeling! This is like a reverse discrimination!

But I'm glad that the regulations aren't so strict now. I think all sizes and all girls can model. Doesn't matter if she's a 0 or a 12.

Thanks for visiting! xx

noura. said...

ahhh that makes me feel happy

noura. said...

woah you've met her?

julia wang said...

i second emily :)

but i hope they don't end up not hiring girls who are that naturally skinny though - but with all the models, how can you tell if they are or aren't?

nevertheless, yay :D

noura. said...

oh wowww. you're a model too? that's so cool. do you enjoy it?

CCWai said...

I'm glad that the "bone-scene" is starting to change. It also happened at LV.
Hopefully people won't feel as pressured to be THAT skinny anymore but that certainly doesn't mean being overweight is okay.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I think that's great. Maybe models will get the chance to be a bit healthier themselves. They experience the pressure most of all.

Mila said...

That is really great news!

Giselle said...

That's great to hear!

Inspiration in Italy said...

Wow, this is a big step! I wear a size 2 and I'm 5'7" and my sister inlaw wears a size 2 and she is 5'1". We are both thin, so I can only imagine how unhealthy models who are 5'9" 5'10" and size 0 must be!

Thanks for sharing this!

Zanah said...

Great post ! Thx for visiting my blog ♥

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