Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Model for Terry?

So we all know Terry Richardson is a controversial photographer. I don't think that is news to any of us...However, the fairly recent scandal involving him taking advantage of underaged models had me curious to see more of his work, so I clicked over to his home page...

I should have been more shocked to see this under the tab, "Model for Terry".
Terry Richardson

"Hello , if you are male or female and interested in posing nude for Terry Richardson please contact us by Email.

Please include your contact information , Phone number name and a photo ( a small jpeg) if possible.
You must be at least 18 years old and be able to provide a state issued ID at the time of the photo shoot."

Sorta twisted eyy?

I bet he gets emails daily.

Sooo here are some of Terry's classics. I figured I would put them up just for kicks.
Kate Moss sun
Kate Moss and the sun.

Mary Kate Olsen

Oh hey it's Terry with Obama!

Yeahh he shoots lots of celebs. Unfortunately this makes a lot of young models willing to do almost anything to be photographed by him...

Everyone loves a villain now and then. He definitely has a unique style, there is no denying that! I bet his all this scandal just ends up just fueling his career...

If you want to see more photos by Terry Richardson, check out his site. Keep in mind I posted his rated G photos... http://www.terryrichardson.com/


Artpixie :) said...

i'll admit a few of his fashion editorials are good but they are nowhere as good as photographers like patrick demarchelier, steven miesel or annie lebovitz ect. Some people just like his 'snap asthetic' style of photos. It's ridiculous, he's a perve and he's hardly even talented.

Pratishtha Durga said...

It's true that controversy fuels careers. He is a good photographer. But that's that. If he had an endless reservoir of talent, he would not have to use controversy as a clutch.

Artpixie :) said...

does anyone notice the numbers 69 on the door? Must be a coincidence right....?

I've seen people on flickr who can take better pictures than him. Real people with real talent wouldn't need to exploit sex in order to make a career for themselves. look at all the photographers, they have all based their careers on actually being talented.

Mouthwash said...

Lol. Well...you know what they say.

The Obama photo is hilarious though.


Anonymous said...

I love Terry, his wicked mind and pics:)

Johanna Urban said...

Terry Richardson is not my favorite photographer, but he have some good shoots. I think you have a relly nice blog :)



The Beautiful and Glammed said...

publicity! and he obviously i sleazy and i feel bad for the young girls who know they need his name to launch their careers but i'm sure most of the models work it and enjoy it!

Interesting blog! We'll definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy and have a lovely weekend xxx

Raquel said...

thank you for your comment.
I think this are good pictures but posing nude? models should not be willing to do it.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Love his photographing style but posing nude, is that fashinable these days?;-)

Star-Light said...

I love his Pictures <3