Monday, March 29, 2010

A Swimmer's Worst Nightmare...

Steven Klein is a photographer notorious for his racy photoshoots. This one I recently stumbled upon in Italian Vogue... I will blog about Steven Klein more in the near future, but as of now just take a look at this shoot entitled "Rie". I think a better title would be "A Swimmer's Worst Nightmare." Although Steven Klein is one of my favorite fashion photographers, I'm honestly not a huge fan of this photoshoot. Not because it could be seen as its slightly disturbing (many editorials are), but because it seems somewhat random...but I guess it just goes to show you can have a photo shoot basically anywhere if you have the creativity to do so. In this case, Steven Klein took photos in his typical style (dark and slightly pornographic) on a pool deck.

This photo was the most ridiculous to me....I wonder what would happen to the old ladies in water aerobic class if this model decided to join.

Steven Klein
What is this, Zena Warrior Princess pool edition?

Here is another one that I didn't quite understand...
Steven Klein

That guy is totally checking out her you know what... And is that girl wearing a lampshade on her head?

Here are some more photos from that shoot.

Steven Klein
Oh no it looks like that guy is forcing her to swimming drag tights at swim practice... ahhh!

Rie,Steven Klein
That last photo is what reminded me of Klein's previous shoot, "Clorox Blue".

One positive aspect about this shoot that definitely caught my attention was how the models used in this editorial are very fit and have the bodies of swimmers. (Obviously appropriate for this particular photoshoot..!) It's a nice change to see models with defined leg muscles!

Let us know what you think! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

McCabe Maddness: Our Favorite Fashion Vids

So, besides the occasional Remi Galliard video on youtube, the only other videos we really look up on the internet are various clips of fashion related interviews, shows, photo shoots, etc. So, we've chosen two of our favorite videos to feature on our blog :)

In case you haven't picked up on this up already, we are Coco Rocha obsessed on this blog. So naturally, our first and favorite video right now (and forever) is "Coco Makes Love to the Camera" by New York Magazine. Just look at how expressive she can get within just a few seconds. Anger, lust, happiness, saddness.......We're willing to bet money that this video will make some of you practice your facial expressions in the mirror.

The next video is of a photoshoot with model Natasia V and photographer Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine. If you ever think models just stand in front of the camera and do nothing, think again. In this video, Natasia proves that there is a lot more to modeling than what most people think. A model needs to have high energy, passion, and the ability to just let go of all inhibitions to take the best picture possible.

Hope you enjoyed the videos! We would love to hear what you think.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fashion Loves Controversy (Viewer Disgression Advised!)

Ok, so if there is one thing the fashion industry loves, it's pushing the limits. How much can you actually get away with before you cross the line between high fashion and just trashin? Well, we wanted to share with you some fashion editorials that will definitely had our jaws dropping.

1) "Dogging" Photographed by Steven Meisel.

Anyways, to help set the scene we will define for you what exactly the term "Dogging" means via the Urban Dictionary...

"Dogging" derives from the term 'walking the dog'. It is a pastime that has evolved from blokes taking their dogs for walks and stumbling across couples going at it in bushes etc. They originally only spied on these couples. The 'sport' has now become much more organized and seedy - with regular meeting places, and more or less a free-for-all spirit

So to put it blatantly..."dogging" basically means having orgies in the woods. Now there is a classy idea for a fashion editorial!!

Here are a few of the more "toned down" images from the story.

Originally, these photographs were meant to be published in Italian Vogue...but they were so shocking that Italian Vogue refused to publish them...and that says a lot considering it's Italian Vogue.

The night vision lighting adds a "home video" touch, don't you think? Steven obviously wanted to stir things up a bit and push the limits. He certainly did. This editorial was eventually picked up and published by American "V Magazine" in their November/December 2008 issue. Any thoughts?

2) "Colorox Blue," Photographed by Steven Klein.
Before we go any further, we would just like to mention that this edditorial was taken by Steven Klein, after all. If you've seen any sexy Dolce and Gabanna ads lately, you've seen an example of typical Klein magic. Starring supermodel Amber Valletta, things get pretty intense in this truck stop-esqu bathroom shoot for Italian Vogue.

Some have called this editorial "fashion porn"...any thoughts?

3) This next fashion editorial is so shocking to us that we had to re read the articleabout it several times to fully let it sink in. (read it here) At first glance you might not even see how it could be controversial...that is until you discover it was photographed at the Holocaust memorial. Yeahhh talk about insensitive.

Clearly low budget. What compelled these people to be so disrespectful is beyond us.

4) This last editorial for Vogue Paris by Mario Testino also sparked controversy when it literally gave Peta the finger....
Not only is flipping someone the bird offensive, but wearing real fur is also a sensitive topic to many people in and out of the fashion world. You know you've created a controversy when you make such a bold political statement in just one photograph.

So there you have it folks, fashion controversy at its best....did any of these editorials offend you at all? Let us know!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Karlie Kloss Scores Two Major Campaigns for S/S 2010

Natural beauty,Karlie Kloss
Photo Via Tommy Ton

Who is this Natural beauty?? Why it's Karlie Kloss of course! The blog loves her. For the S/S 2010 season she scored two campaigns... Dior and Hermes! Both of which turned out stunning.

Take a look at the Dior Campaign...

Dior,Karlie Kloss

Dior,Karlie Kloss

I am positively loving the fierceness of this campaign. The head on, super-stare down Karlie does in the second photo is quite impressive. This campaign just works. The vintage wave in her hair and her, the slight raise of her eyebrow and her dark red lips all add to the somewhat seductive/mysterious vibe in this campaign. All I can say is classy, classy, classy!

Now check out Karlie is the Hermes Campaign...

Hermes,Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss Hermes
Almost opposite of the Dior campaign, in these we get to see the sweeter side of Karlie.. Very light and airy in tone, these photos are surprisingly refreshing to see in the high fash world!!

Karlie Kloss is stunning and versatile... the blog predicts another great year for her!

Just for kicks, take a look at this cover of Vogue Kloss starred in last year that you may have forgotten about, photographed by Steven Meisel... This is one of my favorite Vogue cover to date!
Karlie Kloss,Vogue,Showtime

Thank god there weren't as many spills on the runway this season as there were back in S/S 2009 during the Prada shows!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thana Kuhnen: Queen of Couture

Thana Kuhnen opening the Dior Fall 2009 couture show

Thana Kuhnen, signed with Marilyn NY and Natalie Paris is probably one of the most underrated models out there. Just look at her piercing eyes, legs for days and those serious cheekbones that could cut glass! Her face has the most amazing bone's very classic yet edgy at the same time, making her look very versatile.

Thana backstage at Dior

She's only 18 years old but when you see her attitude and poise on the runway it's like she's been strutting down the catwalk for years. The proof is on the internet, just watch this Youtube video of her opening the Dior fall 2009 couture show, which was actually more like a performance than a simple walk down the runway.

Thana is starting to get recognized for her dramatic presence on the runway and as a result, she walked some major shows this season such as John Paul Gautlier, Hermes, John Galliano and of course, Christian Dior.Thana at John Paul Gautlier

Thana backstage at Christian Dior...I LOVE this hat on her!

When you look at photographs in Thana's portfolio, they just scream drama. Take a look at the intensity in these shots.

Anyways, all I'm asking is that this girl book more editorial work so she can become more well known. She's slowly picking up steam in the show seasons, but I want to see this girl's career take off in all areas of her work.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Space Between...

Flipping through the latest issue of Vogue I couldn't help noticing that two of the models that are dominating many of the campaigns have something very unique in common... They make having a gap between their two front teeth look hot. Check out Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger.

Georgia JaggerWho wouldn't want to look like that? I bet she's glad she never had braces.

More Georgia in the Hudson Jeans Campaign...

Oh hey she's in the Versace Campaign too.

Lara Stone is a tooth gap beauty as well...
Lara Stone in Louis VuittonLara Stone on the cover of i-D magazine.

Not only is the tooth gap trend growing amoung supermodels such as Lara and Georgia, it is also becoming more of an admired feature amoung new faces... Take a look a Jordan McNurlin signed with Next! The blog predicts big things for this model...
To see more photos of Jordan, check out Ginny Edward's blog!

Finally, check out a picture of this model that Meggasus worked with over the summer at the beach... Another beautiful model, with an obvious tooth gap. Photos taken by Marley Kate.
(Oh hey, that's Meggasus on the left.)

So I guess the gap between your teeth look is something the agencies are looking for these days? Who knows... but that's what makes the industry so interesting... you never know what unexpected traits will be the next big thing . It just goes to prove that people should embrace their imperfections, like these perfectly imperfect smiles. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not Your Average Runway Show

Before you read this post, please know that the person above is Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer for Chanel.

You're welcome.

Now you may keep reading.

A typical fashion show consists of a few things. First, there must be some sort of runway...usually just a straight path..down and back. Then, don't forget the models, the clothes, and the background music. Pretty basic stuff.

Well, after viewing this season's Chanel show, I think it is safe to say it was not your average fashion show. In fact, I'm starting to realize that Karl Lagerfeld takes any opportunity he can to make his show the most talked about of the season by making everything very elaborate and entertaining.

Take last season, for instance. Playing with a rustic, farmer's daughter theme, Karl went all out...creating a dirt runway complete with hay, grass, wheat and even a barn! They might as well have had the show in Storrs, CT.... take a look!

Abbey Lee Kershaw at Chanel spring 2010.....

About 3/4 of the way through the show, Karl surprised us all when Lily Allen popped out from under the ground to give a live performance.....complete with dancing models! This show turned out to be a giant barn-raising party if you ask me.
Lily Allen gives a surprise performance.
Models Iekeline and Charlotte boogy at Chanel.

After this giant production, we were curious to see what would be going down this season...turned out to be yet another highly entertaining and innovative show.

This season's show took place in Paris--but it appeared to be Antarctica!

Yes, Karl decided to import an iceberg from Scandinavia for the show! Some of the models were even dressed in head to toe fur, as if they polar bears themselves! Like we blogged earlier, FUR is definitely in this season!

Take a closer look at this runway...Ewwwww, wet fur!

Yes, the iceberg started melting!! CLASSIC!

Anyways, that's Chanel fur you. ;) We're looking forward to seeing what's in store fur next season...maybe Karl will rent out an anti-gravity room at NASA and have an astronaut themed show.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Faces of Meggasus Peggasus and Katie Lu

For those of you who don't know what we're like in person, we've decided to introduce ourselves to you with this video and take a moment to explain what our future plans are for this blog and our lives in general. Enjoy! Please excuse Meggasus's voice- she has a cold.

Monday, March 1, 2010

INTENSE- Lanvin Paris Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

The Lanvin Paris Spring/Summer 2010 campaign definitely caught my attention. This campaign features Jamie Brochert and was photographed by none other than photography God, Steven Meisel.

I am typically not a fan of action shots where the movement is clearly staged (ex jumping shots in fashion stories). This one however, is just so visually intriguing. It looks as though Brochert is going to be blown away, but then you notice that the chandelier is swaying in the opposite direction... I also like the contrast of the girlie dresses with ruffles and the extreme reckless movement of the model. Not to mention the hair in the face is definitely a nice effect... Very wild! (To read more about this refer to "You've Got Hair in Your Face, You Big Disgrace" post) Brochert manages to make looking like a ragdoll/Gumby look cool. I absolutely love this campaign!