Friday, March 19, 2010

Karlie Kloss Scores Two Major Campaigns for S/S 2010

Natural beauty,Karlie Kloss
Photo Via Tommy Ton

Who is this Natural beauty?? Why it's Karlie Kloss of course! The blog loves her. For the S/S 2010 season she scored two campaigns... Dior and Hermes! Both of which turned out stunning.

Take a look at the Dior Campaign...

Dior,Karlie Kloss

Dior,Karlie Kloss

I am positively loving the fierceness of this campaign. The head on, super-stare down Karlie does in the second photo is quite impressive. This campaign just works. The vintage wave in her hair and her, the slight raise of her eyebrow and her dark red lips all add to the somewhat seductive/mysterious vibe in this campaign. All I can say is classy, classy, classy!

Now check out Karlie is the Hermes Campaign...

Hermes,Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss Hermes
Almost opposite of the Dior campaign, in these we get to see the sweeter side of Karlie.. Very light and airy in tone, these photos are surprisingly refreshing to see in the high fash world!!

Karlie Kloss is stunning and versatile... the blog predicts another great year for her!

Just for kicks, take a look at this cover of Vogue Kloss starred in last year that you may have forgotten about, photographed by Steven Meisel... This is one of my favorite Vogue cover to date!
Karlie Kloss,Vogue,Showtime

Thank god there weren't as many spills on the runway this season as there were back in S/S 2009 during the Prada shows!


a wrinkle in time said...

she's fab!! I love the Dior campaign!

natasja said...

this is lovely

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apparellel said...

she is gorgeous. love your blog!


fashionclocked said...

Hi girls- Karlie is insanely beautiful the Hermes plaited hair advert is my absolute favourite- its on my blog too!<3 ( post called the princess and the plait) thankyou so much for such a sweet comment- sounds like we have the same taste for sure!
would love you to follow- i will follow you now!


jacquelinemay said...

stunning photographs! absolutely gorgeous. too bad about the model falling over :( . cute blog. x

Violet Dreams said...

I really love the Hermes campaign, and this cover is one of my fave ones haha

Im so glad you love practising spanish in my blog, CONTINUE practising it, we'll be delighted to have your comments ;)


Models Paparazzi said...

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