Monday, March 1, 2010

INTENSE- Lanvin Paris Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

The Lanvin Paris Spring/Summer 2010 campaign definitely caught my attention. This campaign features Jamie Brochert and was photographed by none other than photography God, Steven Meisel.

I am typically not a fan of action shots where the movement is clearly staged (ex jumping shots in fashion stories). This one however, is just so visually intriguing. It looks as though Brochert is going to be blown away, but then you notice that the chandelier is swaying in the opposite direction... I also like the contrast of the girlie dresses with ruffles and the extreme reckless movement of the model. Not to mention the hair in the face is definitely a nice effect... Very wild! (To read more about this refer to "You've Got Hair in Your Face, You Big Disgrace" post) Brochert manages to make looking like a ragdoll/Gumby look cool. I absolutely love this campaign!


├×omeline said...

I absolutely love these ♥

Emma ... said...

Love it!
Thanks for the comment! Hope your having a great Monday!


monica said...

omg the clothes! im loving lanvin more and more each season!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! This is so wild...I adore it!! :)