Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Faces of Meggasus Peggasus and Katie Lu

For those of you who don't know what we're like in person, we've decided to introduce ourselves to you with this video and take a moment to explain what our future plans are for this blog and our lives in general. Enjoy! Please excuse Meggasus's voice- she has a cold.


Jennifer said...

Haha Kaite justs slaps on lipstick mid video.Love it!!

├×omeline said...

BEST vlog ever hahahaha. You two are amazing. As for your pictures, to post them in a larger format, you need to go in the Layout section of your blog and click on the Edit HTML tab. Somewhere in all that computer absurdity lingo, you're going to notice the words main-wrapper and sidebar-wrapper (just do control-F to find the words if you really are lost!). Go ahead and play with the percentage after the word width. I've got my main wrapper as 80% and my side bar as 15%.

Ok, now that your blog can take the bigger pictures, you need to save the pictures on a site like photobucket, or something that will give you the html of the picture. Like that when you post your pictures, you just transfer them as html links instead of through the blogger picture uploader (which isn't worth crappers). Et voilà!

I hope you can put your two lovely brains together and try to figure out my not so clear explanations. And oh, if you want, you could always email me your header picture (or logo as you refer to it) and I could maybe play around with it and figure out a new header :) My email's:

Style Blvd said...

You girls are adorable!

mAdi*cakes said...

you two are adorable in your video! !st time Ive stumbled on this blog but I like it so far. Great idea, btw. Im inspired Maybe Ill do a vlog introducing me...>.> who knows???? I use photobucket for my pics and i find that playing around with different layouts and settings-making them fit to your taste-works well. You have to just play eve if you feel clueless. Thats what I did ahah. I really dont know how well mine looks though :/ ha hope it helps. and good luck with all your plans!

bethany grace said...

lovely! i'm up for helping you out with design if you need me!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, you are so adorable! I love, love, love this video - definitely one of the best VLOG's I have ever seen posted before!! :)

casey said...

i'm in love w. this! you two are ridiculous and i can't wait for that magazine. p.s. i'm kindof a comp nerd so i can help you out w. web design if you want. msg me on fb. love and miss you both! xoxo

Dream ChYmEc!nDy** said...

So adorable and lovely girls.

a wrinkle in time said...

So I thought I commented this before BUTTT I guess blogger f'ed up D:

Anyway I loved the vlog and I'm jealous of your MK&A ness :P

Definitely hit up Beth (Bethany Grace) for the design! But on my blog I have the template set to a "wide" or "stretch" format and then I upload photos onto photobucket and copy the HTML to put onto the page, it works much better! Make sure you resize the photos to begin with, though-- 600 pix being the longest side is usually good! (if you need me to send you my photos resized it's not a problem!).

as far as finding other photogs in your area (and makeup artists, hairstylists, etc), you guys should join Model Mayhem. You can search any type of photog-related person (mua, hairstylist, designer, photog, models, etc...) within certain distances of whatever zipcode you put in. It's really useful. Then people coming into your area on vacation or something like that may search for models and ask you!! soo... ! but watch out for creeps! :P

If I were you I'd sign up as one account and say that you're twins on there, that makes you super interesting to people!

as far as the magazine, that'd be AWESOME :D

If you're going to have it in print (or as an e-book download), a good sight to go through is Magcloud, and maybe check out LuLu too (I forget if LuLu is relevant, but I know Magcloud is good!)

anywayyy I can't wait to see where your blog goes! and I wouldn't be surprised if you do end up getting picked up by the Olsen twins :P

Flash Rog said...

Heyy girlss droppin by to say you two look amazinggg, keep it upp

fashionclocked said...

fabulous you found my blog and now i have found you two. I absolutely ADORE this video- made me laugh so much fun you are absolutely beautiful <3
(ps- following you on bloglovin)xxx

fashionclocked said...

ooops... ( katie) xxx