Monday, March 29, 2010

A Swimmer's Worst Nightmare...

Steven Klein is a photographer notorious for his racy photoshoots. This one I recently stumbled upon in Italian Vogue... I will blog about Steven Klein more in the near future, but as of now just take a look at this shoot entitled "Rie". I think a better title would be "A Swimmer's Worst Nightmare." Although Steven Klein is one of my favorite fashion photographers, I'm honestly not a huge fan of this photoshoot. Not because it could be seen as its slightly disturbing (many editorials are), but because it seems somewhat random...but I guess it just goes to show you can have a photo shoot basically anywhere if you have the creativity to do so. In this case, Steven Klein took photos in his typical style (dark and slightly pornographic) on a pool deck.

This photo was the most ridiculous to me....I wonder what would happen to the old ladies in water aerobic class if this model decided to join.

Steven Klein
What is this, Zena Warrior Princess pool edition?

Here is another one that I didn't quite understand...
Steven Klein

That guy is totally checking out her you know what... And is that girl wearing a lampshade on her head?

Here are some more photos from that shoot.

Steven Klein
Oh no it looks like that guy is forcing her to swimming drag tights at swim practice... ahhh!

Rie,Steven Klein
That last photo is what reminded me of Klein's previous shoot, "Clorox Blue".

One positive aspect about this shoot that definitely caught my attention was how the models used in this editorial are very fit and have the bodies of swimmers. (Obviously appropriate for this particular photoshoot..!) It's a nice change to see models with defined leg muscles!

Let us know what you think! :)


Clare said...

I like this shoot, but I generally like weird and over the top things!

I know what you mean though :)

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a wrinkle in time said...

weird, but agreed about the bodies!! They could actually be considered normal! yay! :)

ryder said...

i like the fact that the body is athletic

monica said...

this did not make sense to me either....slightly disappointed but i guess you cant always be spot on

CCWai said...

Haha, the way you described the pictures are quite funny. I like the overall look of the shoot though. The colors and tones and mood are great!

├×omeline said...

I don't like to say this, because I'm clearly not Steven Klein and perhaps I just didn't get his "vision", but gosh, looking at this editorial, I kind of feel like this is just trying so damn hard to be original... FAIL. Then again, perhaps I just don't share Steven Klein's brilliant mind and a mere mortal like me couldn't even try to understand this.

Violet Dreams said...

I love fashion, I love these shoots but...can they be less strange, please? lol


M.rolez said...

JOHN Kortajarena and who is she? is super cute , love your blog ! L

xx from spain

SabinePsynopsis said...

Interesting... I'd be really curious to know if he likes the pictures himself. They seem slightly 'wrong' (especially the first one), but naturally you'd think that wrongness would be a deliberate thing for a photographer of his calibre.

Pia said...

whoa! this is totally intense. but immensely interesting.