Monday, March 15, 2010

Thana Kuhnen: Queen of Couture

Thana Kuhnen opening the Dior Fall 2009 couture show

Thana Kuhnen, signed with Marilyn NY and Natalie Paris is probably one of the most underrated models out there. Just look at her piercing eyes, legs for days and those serious cheekbones that could cut glass! Her face has the most amazing bone's very classic yet edgy at the same time, making her look very versatile.

Thana backstage at Dior

She's only 18 years old but when you see her attitude and poise on the runway it's like she's been strutting down the catwalk for years. The proof is on the internet, just watch this Youtube video of her opening the Dior fall 2009 couture show, which was actually more like a performance than a simple walk down the runway.

Thana is starting to get recognized for her dramatic presence on the runway and as a result, she walked some major shows this season such as John Paul Gautlier, Hermes, John Galliano and of course, Christian Dior.Thana at John Paul Gautlier

Thana backstage at Christian Dior...I LOVE this hat on her!

When you look at photographs in Thana's portfolio, they just scream drama. Take a look at the intensity in these shots.

Anyways, all I'm asking is that this girl book more editorial work so she can become more well known. She's slowly picking up steam in the show seasons, but I want to see this girl's career take off in all areas of her work.


├×omeline said...

I'm so jealous of girls who pull off the bright red lips like Thana (and you!), but I'm afraid my complexion will only ever allow me to wear pink lips :( Damn you pasty-ness, damn you!

Andrea Fuentes said...

your blog is great, keep it up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She reminds me a bit of Dita Von Teese - I love the fierceness she has about her. Absolutely stunning!! :)

{ I V Y } said...

this post is amazingly beauuuut!


a wrinkle in time said...

she's awesome!!

monica said...

i want her cheekbones!

Anonymous said...



ryder said...

great post.
thana deserves it!
and yes, classic but edgy look, and very very dramatic!
she is definetly a muse of a real couture maker. born to do it!