Friday, March 26, 2010

McCabe Maddness: Our Favorite Fashion Vids

So, besides the occasional Remi Galliard video on youtube, the only other videos we really look up on the internet are various clips of fashion related interviews, shows, photo shoots, etc. So, we've chosen two of our favorite videos to feature on our blog :)

In case you haven't picked up on this up already, we are Coco Rocha obsessed on this blog. So naturally, our first and favorite video right now (and forever) is "Coco Makes Love to the Camera" by New York Magazine. Just look at how expressive she can get within just a few seconds. Anger, lust, happiness, saddness.......We're willing to bet money that this video will make some of you practice your facial expressions in the mirror.

The next video is of a photoshoot with model Natasia V and photographer Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine. If you ever think models just stand in front of the camera and do nothing, think again. In this video, Natasia proves that there is a lot more to modeling than what most people think. A model needs to have high energy, passion, and the ability to just let go of all inhibitions to take the best picture possible.

Hope you enjoyed the videos! We would love to hear what you think.


Carolina Krews said...

oo god, she's fierce :) that's how good model works

Hannah said...

the video of coco is one of my favourites - i always forget how wonderful youtube can be!

a wrinkle in time said...

I LOVED watching these!!! ahhh! so inspiring!!

├×omeline said...

I love the screaming at the camera haha, feels like something I would do