Sunday, February 28, 2010

Peace, Love and Fashion Photography

For the blog's second photoshoot with the lovely and talented fashion photographer Miss Emily Tebbetts, we decided to go for the complete opposite of what we did during our last photoshoot. (see Ripped Jeans, Chains and Breaking Stuff) This most recent shoot was very free spirited and hippie-esqu. We focused a lot more on beauty rather than intensity. Peace, love and fashion go hand in hand in these photos.

I absolutely love the colors in these pictures. Please note how we used the windy weather to our advantage throughout this shoot...

The sunshine in the last one makes me want summer to come faster. Believe it or not it was freezing outside during this shoot. I want to feel warm again!

I love the emotion in the next two...
Katie-Lu wears a Tye-dyed scarf and yellow vest from Forever 21

Here are three in black and White... I look so much like Meggasus in the first one, even Mommy McCabe had a hard time saying who it was.
Maybe I should have been hugging that tree instead of climbing it...

This last one is my favorite... I love the movement of the wind.
If you would like to see more of Miss Emily's brilliant photography, check out her site below!


sharmaine said...

emily is def a great photographer.
i think the 2nd pic in the greyscale section is the best. :)

pixelhazard said...

The photos don't convey any cold at all. I miss my summer and it only finished last week!

+ thanks for your lovely comment. I wanted to let you know pixelhazard has moved to a new address . I hope we'll still see you over there

Lucia said...

Emily is really cool and the model woooh! speachless! Really a cool shooting!