Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vogue Boston; "Ripped Jeans, Chains and Breaking Stuff"

For the blog's most recent photo shoot, we collaborated with the amazingly talented, fashion photographer Miss. Emily Tebbetts. For this shoot only three things were definite from the start...messy hair, red lips and ripped jeans.

Check, check and check.

The rest sort of fell in place perfectly as Miss Emily and I stumbled upon scenery that seemed to be sent down from the photo shoot gods. Chains, graffiti and broken glass equals totally hardcore and perfect for what we were about to do.
That last picture is my favorite by far. The intensity is through the roof.
That's right, I could take on the karate kid for sure... In HEELS.

Ok so I calmed down for the next few photos...
Katie-Lu wears a "leather" jacket from Forever 21, and a black, lace top from the Thrift Store. Jeans are Earnest Sewn and ripped from tripping on the side walk a few years back... Yeah I recently re discovered them and realized that the rip actually made them a lot cooler now. I'm glad I never threw them out...

Here are a few beauty shots to end the post...
I never leave home without my red lipstick. True story.

Hopefully blogspot didn't completely murder the quality of Miss Emily's photos.... Meggasus and Katie Lu love Miss Emily's work and plan to use her brilliant photography skills again in the stay tuned ;)

If you are interested in viewing more of Emily's photography and more from this shoot, check it out at


Emily Tebbetts said...

ahhh Katie this post is awesome!! I had such a fun time and I can't wait to do another shoot!! :) :)

Stephanie said...

LOVE THIS ONE. i'm so jealous i didn't come! next time. my favorite picture is the last one with your necklace. it looks like an ad, and i'd totally buy that lipstick because of it. so basically both you and emily rock :D

Red* said...
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