Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Runway Report: Burberry Prorsum (Londontown)

So, fashion week in London has come to a close and we've moved on to Milan but now it's time to take a look at one of the most popular shows of the city. BURBERRY, obviously.

The show opened with a leather aviation jacket......This first look set the tone for the collection....The entire show seemed to have an Amelia Earhart meets Patton theme. Lots of army greens, leather boots, structured jackets...

Oh, and did I mention jackets? This collection was clearly focused on THE JACKETS.

Before I continue, I must say that Facebook and style.com go hand in hand for me. They are both tabs on my homepage, so I look at them interchangeably. In consequence, sometimes I wish the slide shows on style.com had "like" buttons for each look. I feel like there was no middle ground for me in this collection. I either 'liked' the look or uhh- 'unliked' it. Take this next look:
UNLIKE!! The jacket is tooo overpowering and BULKY. The very large collar makes it look like she's wearing an entire sheep around her neck. In fact, there were many over sized collars in the collection, and much focus around the neck.

This next look plays up the neck perfectly:Like! Like! Like! I love the slim fit of the jacket and the detail on the shoulders. Also...THOSE BOOTS are amazing. I really think less is more in this collection. This was very refreshing after the bulkiness of the other jackets...

Unlike! I do not like the texture variation in this look. Leather sleeves, wool fringe, something beige and not leather...very bulky. ehh.
LIKE!!!!! ehem, LOVE!!!! Yes, there is an over sized collar in this look but the jacket is cropped, which in my opinion, balances it out. There is a perfect amount of jacket in this jacket...if you get what I mean! AND, this is one of the only looks in which I noticed an item besides the jacket, in this case the skirt! Sooo gorgeous.

Stay tuned for Milan runway report!

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