Monday, February 1, 2010

Trenchcoat Twins Turn Style Icons

Katie-Lu and I have looked up to Mary-Kate and Ashley since we were old enough to turn on the television. Growing up we were official members of their fan club and watched every Trenchcoat Twin video we could get our little hands on. I still remember the beginning of their mystery movies; they would be in their attic examining things like giant tarantulas with over sized magnifying glasses until suddenly, their brightly colored phones would ring at the same time and they'd answer by saying, "Olsen and Olsen mystery agency....we'll solve any crime by dinner time." Soooo classic.

Nowadays, it looks like the Olsens have traded in their over-sized magnifying glasses for over-sized sunglasses... and we are even more obsessed with them!

Mary Kate and Ashley with Karl Lagerfeld.

We even dressed up as them for Halloween a few years back...

Well, in honor of the the Olsens, here are FIVE REASONS why you should love the them as much as we do:

1) First of all, the girls are style icons. The press may bash their "Bag-Lady" look, but true fashion insiders appreciate their unique sense of style. In all seriousness, they can do no wrong....ripped tights, fur in the summer, baggy layers, etc. Nobody holds a candle to their self expression and creativity . (And no, don't say Lady Gaga does. She dresses the way she does for different reasons *cough*attention*cough*). Some celebrities hire stylists, but obviously these girls can do without.

2) Number two is that they are twins (obviously)! Not only that, but they actually do love each other and appreciate the fact they are twins. There is nothing more disappointing to Katie-Lu and I than seeing a pair of twins that don't get along and value the special bond that twins can have.

Both girls have stated in interviews that they are best friends.

3) Another reason to love the Olsen twins is that they are not your average celebrity designers. This is because they have actually earned their respect in the fashion industry. (Don't even get me started with Lindsey Lohan). Their clothing label The Row, and its line, Elizabeth and James, have earned the girls enough credibility to join the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America this past June. This accomplishment now places them among other highly esteemed designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger.

Here is an image out of The Row's spring/summer 2010 lookbook:

4) Fourth reason is they don't even bother acting's like they're already over the Hollywood scene and have moved on to bigger and better things. At the moment, they are focusing on their fashion careers only. So chic.

5) Fifth and final reason...lets be honest...who doesn't love Full House?


lady said...

love it!

Their style is amazing, really women now!

cαro said...

i'm actually totally sure that i've seen every single episode of full house. ahh the preteen years.

Trees said...

OOh this is so nostalgic:) Remeber it so well, "Olsen and Olsen mystery agency..." I loved them from the moment I first saw full house:) Stunning girls!!