Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Season's Biggest Trend... FUR!

Controversial photo by Marino Testino for Vogue Paris

So hopefully Peta wont be too upset with me saying this, but this season's biggest trend is definitely fur. Recently, wearing real fur has been a touchy subject... but faux fur is also an option, and sometimes you cant even tell the difference! I wish I could say something logical to defend wearing real fur like "wearing fur is a good source of protein," but that is clearly not the case here... Anyways, fur is just a trend that people can either choose to love or hate. Below, I have picked my top 5 favorite ways to wear fur this season... enjoy!

1)Edgy and Glamorous
Carlos Miele
To me, this is style is glamorous and edgy at the same time. I love how it hangs like a casual jacket that you could throw on with pair of ripped jeans. Until recently I had always associated wearing fur with being high class/ prim and proper.... This is definitely not your grandmas mink coat.

2) Queen of the Eskimos
This way of wearing fur takes the classic Eskimo hood to an entire new level! Not only is the trim of the hood covered in fur, but the entire top half of the jacket around the bustline is covered in fur as well. I like how the color of the model's hair blends slightly into the hood.

3) Colors not Found on Real Animals...
Zac Posen
Using bright red in the coat rather than the usual black or brown gives this jacket life. The unique stripe pattern is also very visually interesting and adds some flair to it. However, I'm not a fan of the furry heals :/

4) Less is More
Tracy Reese
After looking through Tracy's runway show this season, she has become one of my new favorite designers... And her choice of model could not be better!! (Kate Somers is a personal favorite model of the blog) I love how Tracy used fur in this outfit as a way to complement the rest of the design. A little fur on the sleeves is just enough to add a touch of luxury. This particular color of fur is one of my favorites too...it has a warm glow to it brings out Kate's beautiful features--like her gorgeous hair color!

5) Fun Fur Trim
Betsy Johnson
This way of wearing fur as a trim on a mini dress is so flirty and fun. Leave it to Betsey Johnson to create something this quirky. Her runway shows are always so entertaining...love the mini plastic guns in this season's show!

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