Saturday, February 27, 2010

Victoria's Secret Angels Take Over Prada Show

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how Miranda Kerr is going from having a strictly commercial career to having a more "high fash" one. Well, after taking a look at the casting of Prada this season, it seems like other VS models are getting this opportunity as well.

So while I was in Art History the other day my professor who thinks he is a rock star went on a tangent about something insignificant to our midterm exam so I decided to check my twitter, of course. Like the fashion nerd I am, I follow MissDK (aka Victoria's Secret angel, Doutzen Kroes). My jaw dropped when she twittered that she was walking in the Prada show!! Later, I found out that other VS angels were cast in the show as well...Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr.

Check out the transformations from commercial to high fash!!

Alessandra for VS

Alessandra for Prada

Doutzen (aka MissDK) for Victoria's Secret
Doutzen for Prada

Miranda Kerr for Victoria's Secret
Miranda Kerr for PradaSo what does this commercial model take-over mean? I'm hoping it means that the high fashion world is becoming more open to having varying body types on the runway. In this case, Miuccia Prada seems to be demonstrating a new appreciation for models who are more curvy and healthy.

Not only did the show cast VS girls, but many of the models in this season's show are known to be on the "bigger" Lara Stone and Catherine McNeil.

Lara Stone at Prada...size 4 or 6

Catherine McNeil

Is this a sign that sign that the industry is going to start embracing a more healthy, realistic standard for runway models? Let's hope so. The VS girls at Prada prove you can look amazing on the runway and show off the clothes beautifully without being frighteningly emaciated.

Although I think the cast at Prada marks a step in the right direction, I think there is one more thing that could have been done to prove they are ready to make some serious changes.

Doutzen, Miranda, Alessandra, Lara and Catherine are all established models who are respected throughout the industry and have successful careers. Next season, I hope to see a NEW FACE who is unestablished and a healthy SIZE FOUR or even SIX, sweep up the show season and take the industry by storm. Better yet, multiple new faces who meet this criteria would be even better.


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