Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Yesterday on February 11th 2010, the fashion industry was devastated to hear the terrible news that British fashion icon Alexander McQueen was found dead in him apartment in London earlier that morning. The industry could not possibly think of a more saddening way to start off fashion week. McQueen may be gone, but his innovations in design and style will live on forever.

It is safe to describe McQueen's style as being over the top, with a somewhat edgy/whimsical appeal. His designs carried the common threads of beauty, strong silhouettes, and dramatic features.

Here are some examples of Alexander McQueen's workMcQueen's designs were favorites among superstars such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Madonna. Lady Gaga even wore one of McQueen's designs in her "Bad Romance" music video.
Please note Gaga's 12 inch armadillo shoes. This style was one of McQueen's signature pieces which has taken the industry by a storm.

The following images are also from McQueen's collections.

McQueen will be missed by all. His influence over fashion was a great one. It is a sad day when the life of someone as talented as he is is cut short.

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