Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vogue; Cambridge "Pahhk the Cahh in the Hahhvad yahhd"

For our most recent photoshoot, Miss Stephanie Norris and I decided to hop on the T, dressed in the most preppy outfits we could find and venture to the most prestigious University in the world. Yup, that's right...HARVARD. Our goal was to somehow get into the library but the security was pretty intense, just as we suspected it would be. It might as well have been surrounded by a moat and fire-breathing dragons. We did however make it into another room that was very Harvard-esque and managed to take a few good pictures...that is until security finally caught on to what we were doing and kicked us out...

Oh, hello there Harvard. I've seemed to misplace my calculator.

And the blog welcomes our newest model...Miss Stephanie Norris!!

She's pretty much the next Elle Woods.

Katie-Lu gets

I can conjugate in Latin. -o -s -t -mus -tis -nt... Wut?! WUT?!

Katie-Lu and Miss Stephanie wear glasses from The Garment District.

Miss Stephanie wears a plaid, blue and green dress a-la Marshalls.

Katie-Lu takes a stand at the podium.

Katie-Lu wears a brown and pink plaid skirt and cardigan from the Gap, a white, button down shirt from Martin and Osa, and brown Tahari heals.

Oh, don't you worry this is not the end. We are determined to get into the ACTUAL Harvard library.


Anonymous said...

love it! my favorite is with your friend in the red jacket sitting outside :)


Stephanie said...

I looove this one! Problably partly because of my guest appearance, but still. Those glasses are epic. My favorite is still Katie with her sweater, it's such a cool pose :)

cαro said...

hahaha harvard's my goal for law school! if i go there i would totally sneak you guys in :)
i wish you would post your pictures in a bigger format, though . . . blogger shrinks them down too much and it's hard to see detail!

A La Mode said...

Wow, you guys are so funny! The pictures are amazing hehe xox

JohnU said...

Princeton>Harvard. That is all.