Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red Tag Sale. All Christmas brick-brack 75 cents.

To Katie and I, The Thrift Store in Bristol is pretty much heaven. we go in there and buy way too much crap, but only spend 10 dollars max, so it doesn't count. Well, a few days ago we walked into The Thrift Store with the intention of shooting for the blog. Well, it's like they were expecting us to come because inside The Thrift Store people had arranged all of their Christmas brick-brack (yes, there was a sign calling it brick-brack) into a little Christmas living room scene. They had roped the area off so nobody would enter, but we obviously couldn't resist.

Here are a few photos I took of the scenery which was clearly put there by the Photoshoot Gods. Look! There is even a present under the tree!

I found a super sparkly sweater with lots of sequins and beads and a red tag..(score! That was the 50% off tag color of the day).

Katie started snapping away.This entire shoot was meant to be. Isn't it crazy how everything matches? The tree has gold sparkles, my sweater has gold sparkles....even the chair is err, gold. The tree has cream colored bows and I have a cream colored sweater. And, as if this shoot isn't tacky enough...the lighting is slightly yellowish and dull, much like everything you find in the Thrift Store.


Tian said...

That top is amazing!

Sabine said...

One of these is really missing in my life! I love American thrift stores. Sabine x

Dream Sequins said...

Oooh sequins. Loving the shots!