Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quail Man Was Not as Dumb as He Looked...

It is safe to say that almost every college student who grew up in the 90's knows who Quail Man is... unless they were one of those Cartoon Network ONLY kids... pshhhh

Anyways, for this mini editorial that Meggasus and I shot at the thrift store, we figured instead of using one of the many, beautifully tacky belts around my waist, why not try it around my head?... very quail man-esq!

"When in doubt, wink, peace and pout." (i-D Magazine)


The beauty of this editorial is that it shows how when it comes to shooting an editorial, you must think outside of the box. Never limit your options. Fashion has no limits. Make use of what you have and wear it with confidence. If something you are wearing doesn't look right, fix it until it does, or find another use for it. The average Joe doesn't think to tie a belt around his head, but people in fashion do.

My point is, the more you risk, the more you receive.... Sort of like in every other aspect of life? hmmmm yes I believe so.

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Jennifer said...

before i die, i want to venture to the the thrift store with you two. it seems like a life changing experience.