Friday, January 1, 2010

No Cheesy Smiles at the Dinner Table Allowed...

Ok so to understand this new theme for the blog that Meg and I are finally putting into action, which is “Life is a vogue editorial,” the average Joe must understand what an editorial is. I will give you an example… If I were to tell you to “Vogue it out” while sitting at the dinner table, the last thing you would do in an editorial photo is sit next to the table with your arms by your side and smile at the camera.

When one shoots an editorial, they must utilize their surroundings…this means, USE the dinner table. Crawl on top of it, crouch under it, straddle the chairs, Dance around it, grab the forks off the table and twirl them in your hair… or maybe even your date’s hair? Utilize the candlesticks as a weapon towards the camera and your plate as a shield. Sip from the wine glasses sophisticatedly before you crash them over the top of the centerpiece. Use the table cloth as a tent. Instead of eating the food, bite the plate. My point is, the more creative you get, the better. The more risks you take, the more of a chance for a picture to look like it could have come out of the pages of Vogue. When you shoot an editorial, it’s not about trying to look sexy or hot, it’s about being unique and expressing your personality.
Lastly, the key to this concept is confidence. As long as you appear confident, no one will question your actions. It may even end up looking cool. Sort of like in life? …hmmmm yes I believe so.

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