Friday, January 8, 2010

Vogue Walnut Farms; "Lost in the Woods"

One of the best parts about winter wardrobe is layering. For us, it's all about the long dresses, shawls and scarves. When it comes to color, we love black, black and gray. Sometimes we'll add a little color.... like red lipstick. On this shoot we layered up so much, we didn't even feel the cold! Ok, that's a lie...we were freezing. But what can we say? We're dedicated to our art.

We tried to make this shoot more natural looking, dark, yet beautiful at the same time. We didn't want to strike any outlandish poses this time around...just simple and clean.

Here is Katie-Lu, like a gypsy in the woods.

Burrr! Thank God Meggasus had her warm scarf...

Meggasus bought this scarf on Canal St. for 5 Dollars in NYC. We love a good bargain in Chinatown.

Katie-Lu's gray scarf is from Martin and Osa... one of our favorite stores. The tan shawl is 10 dollars a la Walmart. We bought our 95 yr old Aunt Olga the same one for Christmas this year! She loved it. The shawl transcends generations.....

The sound of the beating drums grows louder... Meggasus is fearful.
Meggasus wears a feather hairpiece from LowLuv by Erin Wasson.

Flying through the Forrest...
Katie wears a burnt orange scarf from H&M. Black and gold earrings are from Forever 21. Remember, go big or go home.

The gray dress Meg wears is from an unknown touristy shop on the shore of Lake George... Ya know, one of those places that is full of Rastafarian garb and trashy tye dye T-shirts.

Numb hands. Bad idea.

Now, which way to Hawaii??

Which way to Rivendell?

Just so you know, right before we started this shoot, Meggasus fully submerged her right foot into the edge of the stream...soaking her grungy boot! :( Luckily, we parked Nelly close by and drove home...literally 30 seconds up the unfortunate detour. Like we said before, we are dedicated to our art.


Allison said...

My favorite pictures are the first one and the one where you can see the feathers in meg's hair. Also, the captions are really great, "Which way to Rivendell?" "the sound of beating drums grows louder".

Ksenija said...

Seriously... the picture that says: "Numb hands. Bad idea." i tought the leggs were hidden in the snow... it really looks like just an upperbody with arms...! :d

ariane said...

Great photoshoot! I love the gypsy vibe. You are both so gorgeous <3