Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miranda Kerr goes High Fash

For fashion models, the ideal career path is to start out in the high fashion scene, walking for shows during fashion week and getting as much quality editorial (magazine) work as possible. Once the model has established a credible reputation for herself as a high fashion model, she can eventually switch over to commercial modeling and earn the big bucks.

For Miranda Kerr, her career path has been just the opposite.

Known for being "The perfect commercial model" with her beautiful face, petite yet healthy frame and adorable dimples, Miranda has always dominated the commercial modeling scene, winning over highly coveted commercial contracts such as Victoria's Secret.

Miranda Kerr walking for the Victoria's Secret show, 2008 in Miami. She's go the smile, the tan, the windblown hair, her hands on hips, dimples, polka dots, colors...commercial, commercial, commercial!

This fall, Miranda surprised us all by walking in the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week.

She's got the Death Stare, pale skin, slicked hair, edgy makeup, dull colors....NOT COMMERCIAL AT ALL. Verrry high fash.

But that's not all, this girl is on fire as her career makes a total 360.....shooting for editorials in V magazine and most recently, Russian Vogue.

Miranda for V magazine's November 2009 issue shot by Willy Vanderperre.

Miranda for Russian Vogue's February2010 issue shot by Willy Vanderperre.

We're both curious to see how far Miranda can go in high fashion...generally, once someone is dubbed as "commercial" their chances of making it in the high fashion world are slim. Seeing as Willy Vanderperre shot Miranda for both of these editorials, I'm guessing he is one of those people who are behind her switch to high fashion.... Willy's no Steven but it just goes to prove that all it takes is for one or two influential people to believe in you and your high fash career can be set.

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