Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keeping our promise...


So, in our Burger King shoot we promised to explain to everyone why we love this picture so much.

Initial impressions? We're guessing they're somewhere along the lines of "Ew! Meg looks dead, scary...and she has ketchup on her hands! Those McCabe twins are creeps!" However, one must view it the way we do, like a Vogue editorial. First of all, notice the fingers. Not only is Meg showing off the ring, but she is utilizing her fingers by distorting her hand in a clever way to make the photo more interesting. It is always the priority to show off different aspects of the outfit- in this case, the ring. The ketchup on the fingers attract the eye to the hand and ring, making the photo that much more interesting.

Now, take a moment to view this next photo which was taken right after this one.
These two photos are almost identical, but extremely different at the same time. In the first photo, Meg's expression is lifeless, twisted and demonic. Mindlessly licking her fingers as if she sold her soul to the Fast Food devil. In the photo above, the mood of the photo changes...her face is softened, her lips relaxed, and the lighting isn't as harsh. Her fingers are less strained. Her eyes are actually focusing on something. Here, she almost looks pretty. (Nobody can really look that pretty in sweatpants...)

Bottom line is, it is the small details that can completely change the mood of the photo. Every detail has some sort of meaning.

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