Saturday, January 16, 2010

You've Got Hair in Your Face, You Big Disgrace.

"Cousin It"

Today for no particular reason at all, I found myself thinking back to my awkward days at Irving A. Robbins Middle School and how I felt on dreaded “Picture Day”. I remember stressing about how my hair… Should I wear it all down? Half up? Pull two sides back with butterfly clips? …Wearing it completely up in a pony-tail however was definitely a big NO because I risked looking like a boy with short hair if I did that. One thing was for certain, no matter how I ended up choosing to wear it, it would always be perfectly straightened and out of my face.

Fast forward a few years… Wow have my thoughts changed. When done correctly, hair in your face can increase the intensity of a photo. I’m not talking “Cousin It,” Addams family style, I’m talkin' just enough hair in your face to add mystery and intrigue in your photo. Take for example a photo from an earlier photo shoot in Nelly Furtado. (Our Jeep)

In this photo my hair creates a feeling of chaos and frustration. If it weren’t for my hair in this picture, the photo would frankly be dull. Notice however that one of my eyes are still visible!! Eyes are the windows to the soul…remember that young grasshopper.

Here is yet another example from that photoshoot back in Nelly Furtado. We were really workin the hair that day.

I love this picture. Not only is Meg’s hair in her face, she is biting it. Way to think out of the box Meggasus…points to you! She is utilizing her hair as a prop. This photo screams fierce. In this next picture Meg asked me to strike a pose and model the new shawl I got for Christmas... this is what I came up with...

Once again, the hair in my face adds for a nice dramatic effect and gives the photo some edge.

Here is another one of Meggasus to emphasize my point…

Meg’s hair in her face in this one says, “I don’t give a shit but I’m still effing cool.”

The bottom line is that hair in you face creates movement and increases intensity in an editorial photo. Basically, hair can make or break a picture... Kind of like how it can affect your mood if you have a bad hair day.





Allison said...

Fantastic title and subject matter!