Friday, January 1, 2010

Vogue: Cope Farms "Wintertime Ballerina"

On New Years eve, our best friend Erin Hughes (a photography genius) and our other bestie Heather Livingston had an outdoors photo shoot which produced some magical images that really captured Heather's unique, Hepburn-esque beauty. Like a prima ballerina from The Nutcracker or a snow princess lost in the woods, Heather brings us a whimsical and intriguing editorial for Vogue Cope Farms.

In this next photo it appears as though our wintertime ballerina is magically walking on top of the snow in heals without sinking through...

This next photo beautifully emphasizes Heather's earrings... My philosophy with jewelery has always been to go big and dramatic, or go home.

And to take the photoshoot to the next level, Andy Siuta made a little appearence. These two really have amazing chemistry on camera.

Heather's dress and earrings are from forever 21.

Thanks Erin for contributing your work to our blog! You are incredibly talented! And as for Heather and Andy...bravo! Thanks for your help as well.


Allison said...

This is so creative! My favorite picture is the third one down. It's looks very simple first glance, but it's actually very complex, the dress and heels vs. the snowy wooded background. genius!

Corinne said...

Amazing. I could go on, but I think "amazing" says it all, really.