Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Best Day Ever, Part 1: The Magic of the Polaroid

Have you ever wondered what makes a Polaroid photo so wonderful? There is something magical about them that you can't describe.

The other day, the the blog's talented photographer, Miss Emily Tebbetts and I split a roll of Polaroid film from Urban Outfitters. $24.50 for a pack of ten. Worth every penny.

Taking each Polaroid was exciting. With a Polaroid, you only have one chance to get it right. We literally held our breath while we watched each one develop. With only ten shots to take, we wanted to get them right. Our day started in Franklin Park, Boston.

Here was the first Polaroid of the day.
What a relief... In my opinion this turned out lovely. Notice how mysterious the shadows look in a Polaroid.

This next one is my personal favorite from the day.
So peaceful... I love how one of my bright blue flats I had kicked off managed to sneak its way into the corner of the photograph.

Some far away shots...The more I look at these next two, the more I like them. This next one has an old fashioned feel.
Although you can't tell unless you look closely, I'm standing next to a cute little chair carved out of a tree stump in this one... Random, but we thought Polaroid worthy.

We then transitioned into a more urban setting.. Harvard Square! I will blog more about our picture perfect, spontaneous day in my next blog entry when I post the digital photos taken from that day.
The flowers in Harvard Square are beautiful this time of year! The colors look amazing in the Polaroids...

It was starting to get dark...
I love how my hair is falling in front of my face in this one...It adds to the natural feel of the Polaroid.

It was getting chilly...I put on my favorite bright red jacket.
The last photo we took on the red line heading back home... With the city of Boston in the background, crossing over the Charles River.

I hope you appreciate Polaroids as much as Emily and I do... Words can't describe their magic!

Stay tuned for the digital photos Emily and I took this day! It will be fun to compare the difference.

If you want to see more of Emily's photos, check out her site ;)


a wrinkle in time said...

it really was the best day ever!! so much funnnn :D :D :D

Clare said...

Lovely photos, I adore the way polaroids look.

tweet tweet tweet


liana said...

third pic is amazing!!

Star-Light said...

Beautiful Pictures!

daisychain said...

utterly gorgeous photos

le pearl said...

Your polaroids are killer! Totally vintage awesome. I would also like to thank you for stopping by my blog xx

Anonymous said...

wow, cool shoot! always love Polaroid! glad it's coming back!

thanks for stopping by my blog! definitely gonna check yours! hehe

├×omeline said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures.

The Closet Fashionista said...

And talking of blog concepts...beautiful, stylish twins...that's quite unique too! ;)

Ironic you mentioned Elle Woods, I actually won the 'Legally Blonde' award at law school...and everyone called me Elle from day one (I suppose unavoidable when you have long blonde hair and love pink )...

Going to follow this blog. Looks adorable!

Taj Acosta said...

Looks like fun! Great photos doll ;) xoxo

vint junky said...

Gorgeous images. polaroids definitely add an atmosphere to photos that you just can't get with digital.
LOVE the red jacket


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I love playing with polaroids. They add an ancient twist to photographs. Love the Orange;-)

Inspiration in Italy said...

Polaroid is so fun! These photos are beautiful, and inspiring too!


SabinePsynopsis said...

What a lovely photoshoot. I have the best memories of polaroids - we used to 'work' on them while they were developing (e.g. scratching or putting dots on the clothes).

sayablack said...

Amazing pics!
I love your red dress,simple design but looks gorgeous.

CCWai said...

I absolutely love polaroids! They are magic.
Too bad they're expensive.
Love the floral dress!

Pratishtha Durga said...

I love these polaroids. each and every one of them. they have this lovely, magical quality to them. Thanks so much for sharing.

fashionclocked said...

These polaroids are fabulous! so delicate and mysterious- wow too hard to decide you are both so beautiful and tiny too! xx katie

heyhayley6 said...

you girls are from Boston? Im so jealous!!! I spent a summer there dancing and I am seriously in love with Boston and just the East Coast in general! These poldroids are beautiful