Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Part Two of The Fenway Garden Photoshoot!

Now for part two of my photoshoot in the Fenway Gardens with the fabulous Miss Emily Tebbetts!

I loved sitting in this tall grass! I felt like a tiger. ..

My expression in this moment was definitely influenced by the random violinist that was playing the garden next to us...he was quite an interesting fellow. I play the cello, and at first I couldnt help but laugh to myself a little because it sounded like he was playing "Mississippi Stoplight" in double time...which anyone who did elementary school strings knows what I am talking about! However, that must have been his warmup because I was shocked when he began to play "Explosive" by Bond.... my favorite modern day string quartet! I definitely recommend checking them out if you get a chance ;)

I wear the bracelete in this photo almost everyday...never fails to get at least 2 compliments!

To me this last photo is genius. Everything about it works...the bike in the foreground is an excellent touch! Emily's photography never fails to amaze me...

This last photo I like to call "Secret Garden." ;)

I hope you all enjoyed part two of this shoot.... This is the first photoshoot of many with Emily this year!

Xx Katie Lu


Fashion Queen said...

I really love the photos. You are gorgeous.

ching said...

wwooow. these are wonderful shots.. your eyes are riveting. :)

fashion clocked said...

beautiful pics- love the setting- the 'secret garden' shot, and the pic with the blurred bike in the foreground... all so dreamy. I was thinking howcome you don't model too? Katie.xxxx

├×omeline said...

I love this and Bond is an amazing quartet to dance to.

johanna said...

Aww so pretty!!!!!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

these photos are gorgeous plus im loving the lace :)

anna - lifeetc-blog said...

OMG is that you??? You look amazing - your eyes are so striking!

check out my new post:)

Manuella said...

those pictures are great and i love your blouse! kisses dear and i hope to see you back soon on my blog ♥

cool hunter said...

love your blog!
thanks for post spanishcoolhunterb!
the pictures are gorgeous and you´re so beatiful! xo xo!!!

Debora said...

Hi dear :)
thank you for your comment in my TokyoBlondes !

Beautiful blog, I LOVE IT !
I love your sense of style, you're great. Well done
I follow you now

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silviasiantar said...

ooohhh i wanna come to the secret garden!!!

beautiful styling

i love your blog. following!


keep in touch

Anna said...

Beautiful pictures!


Dancing Branflake said...

Stunning! You seriously are totally gorgeous!

{ I V Y } said...


ShaylaF said...

Gosh, you have the most beautiful photos in your blog.