Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kitten Heels- A Blessing for Tall Amazons!

As a girl who is 5'10'' it took me a long time to finally feel comfortable wearing high heals. Back in the awkward middle school days I avoided them at all costs. I never wanted to wear them because I was already about a good 6 inches taller than most of the guys in my grade... It also didn't help that I had acne and thick bangs and didn't want to be noticed! Anyways, my point is that I wish kitten heels were as popular back then as they are now... For those who don't know, kitten heels are trendy shoes with heels that are only about 1.5 to 2 inches tall... These mini heels were popping up all over the runways this season! (see Prada, Giambattista, Marni etc.) Perfect for those tall amazons who have not yet learned how to embrace their height, but still want to feel and look sexy!


The color of these are stunning. Steve Madden.... always a win!

These by Givenchy are my favorite!
These Lanvin's look like simple ballet flats.... but with more style because of the added mini heel ;)


They may be baby heels...but dont let that fool you! I have a pair myself and they tend to slip and slide a bit. Check out this picture of Mathilde Franchon in the Marc by Marc Jacobs show! ahh!

xx Katie Lu


johanna said...

ahah. cute shoes but kinda tricky

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Coolers! I went through the same thing :) i'm 5'7 & when I wear heels i tower over, but got over that! Heels are Sexy, The Taller the Sexier. Guys love TALL Girls :)
Cute heels. I can't wear those. x Ari

Fashion Queen said...

Cute shoes.

├×omeline said...

I am in love with kitten heels.
a) they're great for an average height girl like me that doesn't want an extra 6 inch
b) they are so easy to walk in!
c) they are cute as buttons

Vintage Vixen said...

Not a fan I'm afraid. They make my feet look enormous. xxx

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I like the blue ballerinas. x

fashion clocked said...

hey gorgeous- i am totally with you on the 5ft 10 at school thing! I was an early grower and consequently a giant from aged 12 ish! Think the heel thing crops up from time to time (the days you want to fade into the background) but i am crazy for huge heels! The kittens looked so chic at isabel marant definately see myself going there... hope you 2 are well pleased you are getting back into the blog thing!
( i went to illetas in Mallorca on holiday by the way)xxxx
kisses to you katie. fashion clocked

Dusk said...

Damn. You had me at 5'10"... I covet your height!! I'm only 5'8". So for me, the higher the heel the better!!
...I am the shortest in my family of giants... my daughter is 6', husbad is 6'2", one son is 6'4...
Kitten heels are lovely but they're too dainty for me!!! I love the look of them on others.

ching said...

those short heels can still be dangerous. oh my i hope she's okay.

Luci Ana said...

lovely post :)

Panda! said...

I love the third ones, oh, that accident dos not looks nice...

Second Wind photography said...

love these shoes!! ooh poor model....ahi hai!!