Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Hit or Miss" at Jil Sander

This season the Jil Sander collection left me with mixed feelings. Half of the collection was beautifully designed with flattering silhouettes and bold colors. The other half of the collection was composed of floor length dresses with zero structure whatsoever. These dresses seemed as wide as they were long (the horizontal stripes didn't help), and even looked unflattering on the runway models!!

As I looked through the runway images my opinions for each look became very polarized. Basically, they were either a "hit" or a "miss". Here is a little of what was going through my head:


Hit! I love the splash of color on the white dress....gorgeous.....


Miss! This pastel color has potential, but the shape of the dress is just...a blob.


Hit! This collection is clear evidence that vertical stripes work wonders and elongate the body whereas chunky horizontals can be a bit unflattering. Here's what I mean....


Miss!!! This dress DROWNS the model. People with thinner frames are usually the exception when it comes to wearing horizontal stripes, but not in this case. The only redeeming quality is the lip color.

But no worries, for every action there's an equal but opposite reaction....


HIT! I love the nontraditional shape of this dress. Some may think the design is unflattering but I think it's intriguing and Shena can really pull it off. The tangerine color works amazingly with her skin color!!


Miss! Too much fabric, no structure. Where's the body underneath?

Ok, I'll end it on a positive note:


This was my favorite outfit of the show. I love the combination of vertical/horizontal stripes, as well as the light pink color paired with black. The top is dark and sexy (Sheer tends to bring sexiness to any outfit), and the bottom is feminine and conservative. The outfit is one big juxtaposition and I love it.

Do you agree with me? How do you feel about this collection?

xx, Meggasus


Fashion Queen said...

I love the stripes and the dresses. It is such a gorgeous brand.

noura. said...

hahahah that was actually just a pink blob

├×omeline said...

I agree a 100%! I just did my very first outfit post and would love if you two would tell me what you think (you can email me if it's too harsh haha). I really love your blog and the photo shoots you guys post up here, so I'd appreciate some feedback ♥ xo

daisychain said...

totally agree with your opinions!

anna - lifeetc-blog said...

Some of those pieces are amazing! I love the vibrant colours! However some were, as you say, a miss

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ROBINE said...