Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Most Fashionable Read?

Long time no see, blogosphere! Katie and I are finally back home from the Land of Potatoes (Idaho) and are finally ready to start blogging again. Being away from technology for almost two weeks was tough for us,but somehow we survived! Anyways, we both missed our little blogging social life and are happy to be back home in Connecticut.

Idaho is a six hour plane ride from Hartford, so to keep myself occupied (I never can nap on planes) I decided to read Crystal Renn's new book, Hungry.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mention Crystal Renn a lot on this blog but I have good reasons. I love her story and I love what she stands for. She proves that accepting your true self is the only thing that can lead a person to ultimate happiness and success. Crystal is one of the few models (among her are legends like Coco and Natalia Vondianova) brave enough to change the unrealistic ideals of the fashion world by revealing her own life's trials and tribulations. I really respect her for that.

Here is a short clip about her new book..... sorry I'm getting a little "Tyra Banks" on you, but I mean it when I say her inner strength and self confidence just radiate through this video!

Needless to say, I couldn't put the book down and had long finished it by the time I got home yesterday. In fact, I spent part of my plane ride writing Crystal a letter to tell her my thoughts on the book and to let her know how inspiring she is. (Sort of a dorky thing to do...but aren't most bloggers a little dorky?).


I really hope there can be more high fashion plus size models in the business. If there were more girls like Crystal booking high-end jobs, I think designers would finally realize these women can sell clothes just as well because their healthy looks project a more positive, beautiful energy. Just check out this image of Crystal walking down the Jean Paul Gautlier runway. She can really work that dress!


Anyways, Crystal's story resonates with all types of people, not just fashion insiders....with that said, I suggest you pick up a copy of this book and let its strong message sink into your mind.


Mash said...

I have discovered her in an interview (in a magazine) and now I'm completely fascinated by her . I admire her and her bravery .

jurbanik said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Very awesome way to spend your flight.

I can only hope to be productive enough to get a blog post idea on my way back to Bradley in two weeks.

├×omeline said...

Glad you guys are back safe and sound on the blogsphere :) I discovered Crystal when she was featured in Elle Quebec a few months back and agree, she is so inspiring! We need more models like her.

Dusk said...

Welcome back!

I first noticed Crystal in that photo shoot where she was 'matched' with a usual sized model. Interesting experiment that was. Insulting too. Dressing two different body shapes exactly the same, with the style geared towards the traditional size 0 model's shape. BUT.... Crystal has such a grr attitude and she's luscious! I love her NOT because she is voluptuous but because she is a fabulous model.

It annoys me that the emphasis is always on the plus sized instead of the model. A model is a model. I loathe these magazines that think they're doing the world a favour by featuring 'normal' sized women. And I'm not sold on the whole plus sized women on the catwalk thing. I believe it's a gimmick, it's not sincere.

Designers need to understand that women come in all shapes and sizes. This one dimensional viewpoint goes against everything a human being is. There will be a revolt, which will lead to a revolution. One day.

cripes. It seems I am incapable of brevity. apologies. Looking forward to more posts.

noura. said...

i love her so much. she's epic.

Ashley said...

She sounds fabulous! I definitely want to check out her book!


Cassidy said...

she is definately an inspiration; the only thing is that the fashion industry isn't going to suddenly change . it will be an extremely long, painful process . the thing a lot of people don't realize is that the fabric most designers use (especially couture collections) are EXTREMELY expensive ! and that's why a lot of the times models are so tiny ! not to say that that is right , because i agree with you , but that's the sad reality .

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Warm welcome back to blogland, girls! never heard of this Bren lady but I adore her face and hair.
Her face is so outsandingly pretty in an unsual way that does not matter what size she is.