Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where will you be September 10th?

If you've already gotten your September issue of US Vogue, you know that the place to be on September 10th is New York City. If you haven't gotten your issue yet, you've now heard the news from us.

Why should one be in NYC? Because September 10th is Fashion's Night Out, that's why!

Below is a public service announcement about FNO from last year, but I still think it's relevant for 2010! PS- Does anyone else find it hilarious how Raquel Zimmerman is just draping herself on Alex Wang throughout the video?

To sum it up, Fashion's Night Out is basically one giant, city-wide celebration in the name of fashion. On this night, from 6pm to 11pm, there will be designers, models, celebrities, food, drinks and fun activities in several stores across the city. According to the Fashion's Night Out website, "The goal of Fashion's Night Out is to celebrate and support the fashion and retail industries with full-price shopping." By keeping the stores open into the night and enhancing the shopping experience, the fashion world hopes to encourage more people to shop during these difficult economic times.

By the time September 10th rolls around I will already be slaving over my books at Uconn, but I might just try to make a trip to the city anyways. I mean come on.... Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be judging Karaoke at Barney's. How am I supposed to miss that?

For more information on where to shop during FNO, check out


Fashion Queen said...

So cool, unfortunately I don't live in the USA.

TOPCOAT said...

This is amazing, such a great event. Sadly I won't be in NYC til a month after this.. But I wish the best time to whoever's going! xx

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i really need to move to NYC!

Sasha B. said...

well.. i wont be there but ill be wishing i was!

simplychic said...

i REALLY wish i could be there.