Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Meet me at the Corner" in i-D Magazine

Decorating my dorm room is always one of my favorite parts about a new school year... Every year I splurge of a couple of foreign, fashion/photography magazines and cut out my favorite editorials to hang on my blank walls. Take a look at a few of my newest pieces of artwork from i-D magazine called "Meet me at the Corner." This editorial features Behati Prinsloo and Jamie Strachan who are a real-life model couple, and was photographed by Kayt Jones.









According to i-D magazine, " Behati and Jamie star as strangers who meet on a corner in Beverly Hill one perfect evening. They share one night of exquisite romance and the next morning return to the same corner and part company whilst looking positively stylish..."

What are your thoughts on this editorial? Do you agree with this storyline? In my opinion, this pair looks like more than just a one night stand in this editorial!

xx Katie-Lu


ilsteviewonder said...

It does look like a one night stand! except the last picture it makes them look like they're actually a couple! I lve the clothes too! :)

Dusk said...

For starters the storyline could be the 'Pretty Woman' script.... !!!! :D It's silly.

The editorial however, I LOVE. It's sexy and I would rather believe that they met in a library, discussed political ideologies, vehemently disagreed then agreed to solve it peacefully in a paint-ball war... then the whole "exquisite romance" thing just overcame them... !!

Fashion Queen said...

I love this editorial.

fashion clocked said...

Ha- too true- they look head over heels in love- like best friends who chill out together, shop and have the best conversations! Love this editorial - thanks for sharing- hoping both of you beauties are well and have had an amazing summer, and managed to share at least some of it together! Im away on my holidays next week and seriously.. i cant wait! kisses katie.xx
fashion clocked

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

this editorial is amzing, great post!


L1L2 said...

totally agree that they are not a one-night-stand couple:) but they are fabulous! and sexy indeed.