Friday, November 12, 2010

Life Goes By Pretty Fast.....

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite editorials of all time, featuring supermodel Eniko Mihalik for Vogue Paris that was photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in 2008.

This editorial takes readers through a lifetime of ages as Eniko (who was age 22 in 2008) is transformed from age 10 to age 60 in a single editorial. With the changes in Eniko's expression and poses, along with the different make up, hair, and styling for each photo, the magazine was able to pull off this concept beautifully.

The spread starts off with Eniko, at age 10.
Her youthful facial features (such as her adorable dimples), as well as her giggly expression and half hidden smile all give the illusion that in fact Eniko is 10 years old, at the dawn of life. AMAZING!

This next photo is the model at age 20....
Here, you can tell the model is just discovering herself...experimenting with makeup and various accessories.... even straightening her hair. Her expression is hopeful and excited for her life ahead of her.

It's funny to look at this photo because Katie-Lu and I will be turning 20 in January... this editorial makes me realize how young we still are.

Next up, age 30...
Corrupted by her 20's, Eniko at age 30 seems to have been through a decade of experimentation with drugs....her expression is a little "too cool for school" in the sense she's been there, done that.

Age 40....
With the styling in this photo you can see that now the model is middle aged and that she's somewhat of a cougar!

Age 50...
Here, Eniko's taste has been refined with age...she's aging with class, which is the best way to do it, if you ask me.

And finally, Age 60...
I love this last photograph because it gives those of us who are young something to look forward to. Here, age 60 is portrayed as a time of inner peace and self-actualization. Although she still has a few decades to look forward to herself, Eniko seems to have great confidence in who she is and the life she's experienced. Here, she radiates inner beauty opposed to the outer beauty she had in her youth.

What are your thoughts on this editorial? Every time I take a look at these photos I'm amazed.

love, Meggasus xo


Fashion Queen said...

They are all gorgeous.

noura. said...

ohhh my god this is incredible.
i love how well they did it.

meggasus said...

Meggasus, great Post!!! I think she is most gorgeous at age 40...

love you!

-Katie Lu

Dusk said...

WOW! This is an amazing editorial! Although I'm really uncomfortable with the age 40 depiction... hope it's not because it's a bit too close to home????
...being that age and all..

50 and 60... beautiful!! I am looking forward to getting older, which is a completely redundant statement!! It's not like any of us have a choice.
We can however, choose the way we age. I refuse to age 'gracefully'... because according to society, ageing gracefully means accepting being in the background. No. Thank. You.

...and I've written another freakin' essay!!

Hope you are both well you gorgeous beings!

Emily Tebbetts said...

this is such a great post!! what an AMAZING editorial!! they did SUCH a great job!

Luci Ana said...