Thursday, November 11, 2010

$10,000 by Thanksgiving to Raise Money for Breast Cancer

Miss Emily Tebbetts has been our blog photographer for almost a year now and today this post is about her and her amazing goal. Emily's mom has been fighting breast cancer for almost ten years now. As a way to help her Mom and to others suffering with cancer, Emily made it her goal to raise $5,000 by Thanksgiving with the promise of shaving her head if she reached this goal. Emily surpassed her original goal of $5,000 rather quickly, (she will be shaving her head) and now her mission is to raise $10,000!

Here are a few photos Emily has taken over the course of the past year for our blog... She is an extremely talented individual.






This is just a sample of the fabulous photos Emily has taken. She is truly an amazing girl and we are proud to call her a good friend of ours. She is the kind of person that will change the world.

If you want to help Emily reach her goal of raising $10,000, check out her Facebook page to learn how. Any amount you give is a huge help! Donate here. Thank you!

Xx Katie-Lu and Meggasus


Luci Ana said...

she is absolutely GORGEOUS. really amazing photos, here!

Anonymous said...

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cool hunter said...

ohhh so cute!

Fashion Queen said...

Stunning photos.