Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twins Reunite in Boston- Photoshoot!

This is a historic moment for Meggasus and Katie-Lu blog... For the first time EVER Meggasus and I were able to both take part in a collaborative photoshoot with the fabulous photographer, Miss Emily Tebbetts! Meggasus was finally able to make the trip up from Storrs CT to visit me in Boston... It was wonderful to be reunited!

Our shoot with Emily began at the reflecting pool and we eventually drifted to Newbury street to take some urban-chic photos.

This first Instax photo is my personal favorite taken from the day... however, Meggasus prefers the 2nd black and white photo... Which do you prefer?
FYI: Meggasus is on the left and I am on the right.


I personally love the natural feel of the Instax photo. There is just something exciting about the idea of only having one chance to take a perfect picture. If something goes wrong, you cannot go back and edit!

Meggasus's teal bracelet is from the Jazz festival on Columbus Ave we attended earlier that weekend. It adds a nice touch of color to our all-black theme of the shoot. My black and gold earrings are from Forever21.

This photo was taken in front of the gorgeous "Christian Church of Science" on Mass Ave. I love how the cool angles of this photo work so well with the beautiful architecture of the church... It provided the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot!

This next one was taken on Newbury street.... Meggasus's expression looks as though she belongs on the front of a 90's album cover!

This last photo is extremely interesting visually. The combination of the hair blowing in the wind with the shadow of the hand makes for a very unique photo.... it definitely highlights Emily's talent as a photographer.

Now since you've seen photos of us together for the first time, the question is, can you tell us apart?!

For more information about the clothing you see in this post, see my previous entry about the consignment store "Rescue" located on Newbury Street!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Xx Katie Lu


Second Wind photography said...

my fav picture, is without any doubt the last one! soooo cool ^^
Or even the one before the last, black and white! love them ;)
you girls look sooooo beautiful! wow!

cool hunter said...

fantastic pictures...

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh LOVE these photos!!!! I do see little differences in your faces but since this is my first visit I can't tell you apart really, ha ha ;)

(and ooh Storrs, you must go to UCONN, my brother goes there :) )

ching said...

very superb pictures! i like the polaroid one. :)

Dusk said...

Oooh.... normally I would never choose B&W over colour of any sort but... this B&W shot of you two is just... WOW!!!
...the light, the chiaroscuro, the movement of hair, your expressions, the depth of field... just WOW!!!

Okay from what I can see your smiles are different... your mouths... Katie Lu, the corners of your mouth slant upwards more...

Last pic is indeed interesting... all these images are. You two are young Goddesses and the photographer is fabulous. How could you go wrong??!

Samantha Nandez said...

Emily is an amazing photographer and it's wonderful that you were able to work with her! The images came out great :D

Fashion Queen said...

I love these photos. You guys are gorgeous.

Tine said...

Great leggs, pictures & outfits!

├×omeline said...

The second picture is my favourite :) Wonderful series!

LivingTheVogue said...

Love the first and second photo... You both look gorgeous and yes I have a hard time differenciating you too ;-)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Such style and beauty here. This is an outstanding photoshoot. I adore them all but my favourites are first, second, third and last.
Happy Halloween to the pair of you;-)

Eden said...

wow1 you both look so gorgeous! have no fav haha all the shots are amazing:)))

check out my blog

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))))))


Anonymous said...

Not only are they Gorgeous but there is two of them! Great photos!


SMASH said...

gorgeous! I really like the second to last photo :)


Blowraspberry said...

Great photos.. lovely!

my favorite one>> the picture was taken on Newburry street.. you both so present on that picture..

TheMadTwins said...

wow! these picture are beautiful. You look like real models! Great job. And I can't shoes which picture is best. U think they both are great!
Wonderful that you to are twins as well :) amazing ^__^
you two have a great blog, I follow you as well! and I hope to see about you to more soon.

Loves London

Marina said...

fab!!! congrats!!1

xx Marina

Paulina said...

I love this shoot!!! You guys have the "stare" down pat! I wish I could do that. I just end up looking silly or snorting or giggling or something.