Saturday, January 21, 2017

And just like that I'm blogging again!

Hello Everyone!! Meggasus here! It has been YEARS since our last post. I recently turned 26, and it's amazing to look back at my younger years with this blog. The blogging days were wonderful for Katie-Lu and I. We loved the blogging community and everyone who supported us! It's wild to think how rapidly the social media landscape has transformed since.

(Katie-Lu and I on our 26th birthday in January)
Can you guess who's who???

 During the blogging days I had recently quit modeling in NYC and was struggling with an eating disorder.  I did not share this on the blog back then. Thankfully I am 100% recovered and ready to share everything now my new blog.

The blog, "Meggasus" is my way of learning and specializing in eating disorders. I go into detail about my goals for the blog in the first post. For those of you who need the cliff notes, here's part of my original post where I sum it all up:

"This blog will be used to connect those struggling with food/eating to information, stories, and resources. This blog will be my documented journey towards specialization and expertise. I will also be developing my own ideas/theories for my practice which I will share. Use my story and what is written/posted here to help you through your personal experience."

 I encourage all of you to check it out especially if you have an eating disorder, are recovered, or know somebody who might be struggling. I know the majority of readers on this blog were fashion bloggers, so you might find my post about the model apartment to be fascinating. As we fashion bloggers know, eating disorders are nothing new to the fashion world.

Thank you for your kindness and support. I hope you follow the blog, share it and keep up with my work. I encourage you to email me about your own experiences and ideas for the blog. Oh, and Katie-Lu says hello!

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