Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photo Inspiration!

I've been searching for inspiration today... Now since it's Christmas break I have time to do that sort of thing. Here are some amazing photos I stumbled across from the Conde Nast website... Beautiful!

"When the Ballgown Met the Hammock" 1957

"Ballgown Takes Flight" 1953

These were taken by the famous "Window Dresser," Gene Moore. I am curious to see more of his photography...

Hopefully these fantasy-like images bring you some inspiration if you are in need!
This was a mini post... longer one later.

Seize the day my friends!! :)

Xx Katie-Lu


Suyinsays said...

both gorgeous!

Fashion Queen said...

Lovely inspiration.

ilsteviewonder said...


Anonymous said...

So gorgeous and inspiring :-)


fashion clocked said...

hey beauties! I am really hoping you two are back together for a family Christmas and some time out?! How have you been? I adore these photos- so magical, and I keep missing your posts....bummer. kisses to you and wishing you a wonderful christmas!Katie.xx

fashion clocked