Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're Gonna Need the Stage Manager...

Ok, I'd like to comment on the perfection of this picture which was taken earlier this week. It's not that I'm wearing a sensational outfit or that the photography is particularly fact, that's not the case at all. At first glance, this picture is slightly horrifying...that strained smile....that hat which is too small....ugh. BUT, if you look closely, everything in this picture just fits. It just works. Please note the details: First of all, there are not one, but THREE visible American flags in this picture. Gotta love that patriotism. Also, the wood paneling, impressive spoon collection and old VHS tapes add some warmth and charm to the photo. And, as if all of that isn't perfect enough, my plaid button down and completely old school HARTFORD WHALERS hat just pull the entire scene together. Oh, and let's not forget that ridiculous grin I have on my face.

Here are a few other pictures from that you can get a better feel of what I'm talking about.Look! There's a ANOTHER American flag!! Oh, and hockey and lacrosse helmets...head butting...a cluttered closet. wtf?

Spiderman? Yes.
Awesome.Gang Symbols?? yup!
Look at that knot in my ponytail!! Ewwww....

Photos courtesy of Nick Rog.

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Anonymous said...

I'm def feelin the classic all-american vibe in these pictures!! Btw you seriously should consider investing in a baseball hat...or at least make Bryan give you his! lol