Monday, April 26, 2010

Fashion News: Calvin is Done with Size Zero


In the past few years, the high fashion scene in NY, London, Milan and Paris has had many underweight and underage models walk down the runways during Fashion Week(s). It is quite normal for most runway models to be about 5'11'' and a size zero. Some girls are this thin naturally, but lets face it, most aren't.


Thankfully, American designer Calvin Klein has taken a step in the right direction to change the health issues regarding size within the fashion industry.

According to Fashionologie, the creative director of Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa, has done away with casting size 0 models and is reportedly committed to only casting models who are size 2-4.

Francisco Costa (CK creative director)

Of course, increasing the standards to sizes 2-4 aren't in any way a big change, but this does allow flexibility for models and takes off some of the pressure that is put on these young girls to be super thin.

Booking the Calvin Klein show is one of the most prestigious jobs a model can have during NY fashion week, so maybe this change will be a good motivator for some models to maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Maybe other designers will follow Costa's lead and help solidify this change for the industry?

Who knows. I hope so.

XX Meggasus

Walker in Wonderland

Today I found this stunning image photographed by Tim Walker for British Vogue. In my opinion, this is fashion photography at its best. The baby blue dress, the spiral staircase,the lighting, the drama, the slight element of fantasy.....EVERYTHING just works.


Of course, I automatically did an image search and to find more of Walker's work.

I find his work to be very distinct....very vibrant and cinematic. All of images seem to tell a story.


His photography is addicting- I've already read his entire thread on The Fashion Spot and have checked out his website.

According to his site, once Tim graduated college he assisted legendary fashion photographer Richard Avedon, and his first photograph appeared in Vogue by the time he was 25. Walker's photographs have been in several magazines, including British Vogue, US Vogue, Italian Vogue, Teen Vogue, W, i-D and Harper's Bazaar.


What I love about his work is that it takes you to a fantasy world, full of color and imagination. I think this might be why it's so addicting to look at...who wouldn't want to be a part of this playful, fun world?

With these whimsical set designs, I wonder what it would have been like to play "pretend" with Tim as a child-I think it would have been a blast!



His images just speak to the inner kid in all of us and give us a feeling that our wildest dreams can become reality.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the photographs!
xx Meggasus

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best Day Ever, Part II: The Detail in Digital!

Have you ever had one of those days that was just so amazing that you can't stop talking about it for a good week after it's over? Well the day of this photoshoot with Miss Emily Tebbetts was one of those days. It was somewhat of a spur of the moment shoot, and a very spontaneous day in general! We started our mini adventure in Franklin Park, a beautiful place just outside of Boston, where both of us had never been before!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day...
If you look closely, you will notice that I'm carrying a Polaroid photo of myself we had taken moments before... If you want to see the Polaroids we took close up, read my previous post where I displayed each one!

Notice how Emily managed to capture the shadows beautifully. Shadows can hold so much meaning in a photo.. We worked a lot to use the wind to our advantage that day as well! These aspects had a beautiful effect on the outcome of the photos!

Everything seemed to be falling into place perfectly... We decided to head over to Harvard Square to buy more Polaroid film, which actually turned out to be a perfect location for the 2nd half of our Photoshoot!

I love how each building in Harvard Square is so unique... I especially love the teal around the windows of this one in the background! The flowers too, were gorgeous... The digital camera shows colors so vividly!


Harvard Square is possibly my favorite place in Boston. If you have never been there before, you are truly missing out! There are so many unique shops and wonderful places to eat. Around dinner time, Emily and I headed over to Mr. Bartely's Burgers where I had the best burger and sweet potato fries of my life. The line to get into the restaurant was out the door, but Emily and I got seated right away at the bar!


By the time we got back to campus it was nearly 10:00pm! We had gotten so caught up in our wonderful day that we had no idea where the time had gone...

Remember to check out the Polaroids we took throughout the can find them in our previous post, "The Best Day Ever, Part I: The Magic of The Polaroid". Let us know what you think, which photos do you prefer more for this shoot, the Polaroids or the digital? I personally cannot decide...

If you want to see more of Emily's photography, check it out at her website, !

Thanks for reading!
<3 Katie-Lu

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Best Day Ever, Part 1: The Magic of the Polaroid

Have you ever wondered what makes a Polaroid photo so wonderful? There is something magical about them that you can't describe.

The other day, the the blog's talented photographer, Miss Emily Tebbetts and I split a roll of Polaroid film from Urban Outfitters. $24.50 for a pack of ten. Worth every penny.

Taking each Polaroid was exciting. With a Polaroid, you only have one chance to get it right. We literally held our breath while we watched each one develop. With only ten shots to take, we wanted to get them right. Our day started in Franklin Park, Boston.

Here was the first Polaroid of the day.
What a relief... In my opinion this turned out lovely. Notice how mysterious the shadows look in a Polaroid.

This next one is my personal favorite from the day.
So peaceful... I love how one of my bright blue flats I had kicked off managed to sneak its way into the corner of the photograph.

Some far away shots...The more I look at these next two, the more I like them. This next one has an old fashioned feel.
Although you can't tell unless you look closely, I'm standing next to a cute little chair carved out of a tree stump in this one... Random, but we thought Polaroid worthy.

We then transitioned into a more urban setting.. Harvard Square! I will blog more about our picture perfect, spontaneous day in my next blog entry when I post the digital photos taken from that day.
The flowers in Harvard Square are beautiful this time of year! The colors look amazing in the Polaroids...

It was starting to get dark...
I love how my hair is falling in front of my face in this one...It adds to the natural feel of the Polaroid.

It was getting chilly...I put on my favorite bright red jacket.
The last photo we took on the red line heading back home... With the city of Boston in the background, crossing over the Charles River.

I hope you appreciate Polaroids as much as Emily and I do... Words can't describe their magic!

Stay tuned for the digital photos Emily and I took this day! It will be fun to compare the difference.

If you want to see more of Emily's photos, check out her site ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Model for Terry?

So we all know Terry Richardson is a controversial photographer. I don't think that is news to any of us...However, the fairly recent scandal involving him taking advantage of underaged models had me curious to see more of his work, so I clicked over to his home page...

I should have been more shocked to see this under the tab, "Model for Terry".
Terry Richardson

"Hello , if you are male or female and interested in posing nude for Terry Richardson please contact us by Email.

Please include your contact information , Phone number name and a photo ( a small jpeg) if possible.
You must be at least 18 years old and be able to provide a state issued ID at the time of the photo shoot."

Sorta twisted eyy?

I bet he gets emails daily.

Sooo here are some of Terry's classics. I figured I would put them up just for kicks.
Kate Moss sun
Kate Moss and the sun.

Mary Kate Olsen

Oh hey it's Terry with Obama!

Yeahh he shoots lots of celebs. Unfortunately this makes a lot of young models willing to do almost anything to be photographed by him...

Everyone loves a villain now and then. He definitely has a unique style, there is no denying that! I bet his all this scandal just ends up just fueling his career...

If you want to see more photos by Terry Richardson, check out his site. Keep in mind I posted his rated G photos...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kloss on the Gloss

I was in disbelief when I saw the cover of the most recent issue of Teen Vogue. You are probably wondering, why would Meggasus be so stunned about this? Well, it's because I was expecting to see some sort of teen-bopper celebrity on the cover but instead, what I saw was the graceful, fresh face of the young and talented Karlie Kloss!


Finally, a high fashion model lands the cover of a popular American magazine! In my opinion, this is how it should be. One of my biggest pet peeves is how US magaines will use celebrities instead of models to increase sales. But come on!! Who wouldn't buy a cover like this?

Karlie first appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue in 2008 along with models Chanel Iman and Ali Michael. This really helped launch her career as a super model. Ever since, she's been gaining more and more fame within the industry, appearing in almost every issue of US Vogue this past year, as well as Vogue Italia. This girl is unstoppable!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the editorial, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

Karlie is the epitome of the fresh faced, all-american look....

Beauty shot!

GO KARLIE! ...check out those killer heels!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Graffiti Artist Turned Fashion Designer...

"Claw Money" is a semi-underground, up and coming designer who got her start as a graffiti artist in Queens. Recently, she channeled her creativity for vandalism into a fashion design career.. Her signature tag is a fat paw with three claws, and can be seen all over New York City. She has a growing celebrity following which now includes Kanye West, Santogold and M.I.A. Claw Money has also worked on collaborations with Nike and even Calvin Klein.

"Claw Money" is shown below with her signature claw symbol on the wall behind her.

Take a look at some photos from her Spring/Summer 2010 Collection...!


Photos from The Lipstick Diaries
"Claw Money" is known for her cool graphic tees. If you look closely you will notice that she incorporates her signature claw hand into all of her designs. She has a line of accessories as well which I recommend taking a look at! The best way to describe her style is edgy and fun.

I can't wait to see what this graffiti artist turned fashion designer comes up with next!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bottega Veneta S/S 2010 Campaign

Take a look at the Bottega Veneta S/S 2010 ad campaign featuring models Sean O'Pry and Anya Kazakova. When I first saw this campaign in the latest issue of Vogue, I fell in love with it. What I like the most about it is the unique color palette of teal, tans and ivory, contrasting with the bright red of the model's lipstick and dress.

Both models seem to be deep in thought. For some reason I picture the pair scheming about something... What is your take on this?

bottega veneta



I like how these photos are somewhat blurry rather that crisp and defined. In my opinion it adds to the mystery of the photos, and makes them more visually interesting. The overall warmth, haziness and expressions on the model's faces work together to create a beautiful campaign with a very relaxed feel.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Perfect for Spring!

Happy Easter bloggers!!
In honor of the holiday, we decided to post the Miss Dior Cherie campaigns from previous years. They're very springtime-esque...with lots of pastels and sunshine! It's a lovely perfume. We highly recommend it.

Meggasus prefers the campaign with Lily Donaldson from 2007 and Katie-Lu prefers the campaign with Maryna Linchuck from 2008...which do you like best?

Here is the campaign featuring Lily Donaldson, photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino.

Here is the campaign featuring Maryna Linchuk, photographed by Tim Walker.

Let us know what you think! xox

Happy Easter!